Products start in the mind and continue with a labor of love; each one hand crafted and designed to work to perfection. Each one has its own identity, while fulfilling stylists and clients wants and needs.

We fuse the most ecologically sound ingredients with the most technologically advanced in science.We believe that it is our responsibility to share our environmentally conscious outlook, through green formulas, within the industry that we love.


Our distributors are our partners.They are the voice that delivers the philosophy of I.C.O.N. around the world.

United we share the vision and mission.


At I.C.O.N. our team has no boundaries; we believe knowing yourself is being yourself. Celebrate your real talent. From behind the desk to center stage our team is a union of strength constantly empowered with knowledge, skill and opportunity.

Do what you love and collectively we will succeed.


Salons are the forefront of I.C.O.N. They each have their own identities but they share a common thread in adopting I.C.O.N.’sconcepts, philosophies and products to create unique client experiences.

We bring them education and inspiration, which in turn elevates their salon business.

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