Education + Creation

Combining both, we have created the word EduCreate, where knowledgeand creativity intermingle to captivate, attract and enlighten a person so that they can progress successfully with both passion and conviction.


The result produced by instruction, training, or study


An original product of the mind, especially an imaginative artistic work

I.C.O.N. EduCreate

We focus on the education of the future based on practice


Professional & Business Development

Fundamentals goal is professional development, using the most innovative technology and methodology on education and development.


A World Of Colour In Your Hands

Discover EcoTech Colour world, improve your knowledge and experience creativity without limits.


Inspiration & Creativity

The art of studying, knowing and achieving that allows you to customise each and every service for your clients.


Business Development

Discover how to classify, capture and order your focus to achieve success both at personal and business level


For All I.C.O.N. Teams

Leaders | 8 Hours

In Leaders we work on personal and professional development to help achieve the salon goal and success, increasing personal security and self-confidence.

Mentors | 8 Hours

Mentors Program goal is professional development, using the most innovative technology and methodology in education and personal development for high performance teams

Concepts & Products | 4 Hours

Deepen your knowledge of each line. Discover the profile to which they are directed and how to develop them in the salon. Enter each brand through the experience of all products, how to apply them, what benefits they bring and how to utilise them fully.

C.C.C. Care | 4 Hours

Discover all the necessary elements to transform the back bar into a CARE BAR area. We will develop the full potential of this area, making it one of the most profitable in the salon through knowledge and communication.

C.C.C. Styling | 4 Hours

Develop quality and creativity through our Liquid Tools, and how to educate the client in their hair care and their look at home.


For Stylists & Technicians

Colour Academy | 16 Hours

Enter the world of colour with Ecotech, Stained Glass and Playful Brights. Discover the multiple possibilities that are offered to customise colour service for our clients.

Advanced Colour | 8 Hours

Colourimetry is the accurate science of defining and measuring colours. Enhance your knowledge and security when customising your colour service. There are no creative limits with Ecotech Colour, Stained Glass, and Playful Brights.

Colour Creation | 4 Hours

Advanced colour seminar focused on expert colourists that want to learn new colour techniques.


For Stylists & Barbers

Mr A. Man | 4 Hours

The perfect gentleman. Allow your focus to be enhanced by quality and precision cutting. Sharpen your skills of grooming and leaving polished styles.

Beautyology | 8 Hours

The study of beauty fused with the newest in technology that applies I.C.O.N.’s concepts of Regimedies, liquid tools and treatments to help every stylist achieve the perfect look for their clients.

Creative Colours | 4 Hours

Discover your creativity and where freedom has no limits with Ecotech Colour, Stained Glass, and Playful Brights, Customise your colour service. The colour world is yours.


For Owners & Managers

212 | 12 Hours

The strongest species is not the one who survives, nor the smartest. It is the one that best adapts to change. In 212º you will learn a systematic method that will allow you to discover and solve each issue, not just face it. Evaluating your business through the 212º you will be able to prioritise your business needs. Discover how to capture, classify and order your approach to build your moment and maximise success.

BMC | 4 Hours

The new economic scenario makes it necessary for businesses to adapt to this new reality, reinventing itself; providing consumer experiences through knowledge and education. In this seminar we will work on the vision, coordination, communication, connection and discipline that we need to achieve success in our business.

R&M | 4 Hours

Explore the principles of Merchandising and what changes need to be implemented so that the customer lives an experience in the retail area.

Change | 8 Hours

Do you really know the Purpose of your life? With CHANGE you will learn to FOCUS on what really matters, build HABITS that will help you meet all your GOALS and become a SUCCESSFULL person at a personal and professional level.

I.C.O.N. DNA | 2 Hours

Opening several new concept salons in one time.

Coaching For Consumer | 4 Hours

Discover how to increase constantly your income and how to become a Hairdresser / Coach for your client.

Salon’s Quality Chart | 3 Hours

How to transform your salon into a BRAND, to reach the excellence and make the difference. How to measure the performance of your team and increase salon profitability.

H2H | 4 Hours

The 7 Key stages of management. How to become a Leader-Manager. How to use personalized Management Techniques.