Cure by Chiara

Cure by Chiara

Love Your Texture, Cure Your Hair

Restructure and reform your texture. A line made from the heart.

All hair has texture. Some is fine, some is curly; some is wavy, some is straight. Hair can be erratic. It can be thick and unruly or heavy and controlled. It can be texture you love or texture you’d like to tame.

Regardless of your texture, Cure will help you meet the challenge, influencing the texture you have, reimagining it to be the texture you want. It doesn’t change texture permanently, but it can alter it temporarily, allowing you to be you, with hair you love.

Changes The Balance

Smoothes & Softens

Encourages Body In Textures

Cure by Chiara Products


Recovery Shampoo


Revitalise Conditioner

The Spray

Replenishing Spray

Double Body

Double Body Serum

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